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No les gusto por alguna razón

For Some Reason, They Don’t Like Me

Dec 06, 2022

A kid who feels singled out because he is different. A kid who prefers to hang out with adults and who loves to read books and listen to the radio. A kid who is hypersensitive to many things around him. A kid who is labeled as a smarty-pants and whose behavior is considered as imprudent. Following a late diagnosis, surgeon Björn Martíinez delves into his memories to piece together the puzzle that is his own world.

I was born in Caracas on a 14th of July. I was named after a famous tennis player. I graduated as a medical doctor and I have been practicing as such for a long time now. Writing has always kept me company. I do research, I offer counsel and I help whenever I can. Cogito Ergo Sum.

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