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Milagros de Jesús junto a su hija.

Her ID Did not Read “Seed” but Milagros de Jesús

Jul 20, 2023

First, she hid the fact that she had breast cancer. Then, when she could no longer keep it a secret, she refused to undergo chemotherapy treatment. The disease metastasized to other parts of her body. Milagros was confident that she would live to see the day when Kimberly, her only daughter, graduated as a medical doctor.

When I was a Little girl, I wanted to be a doctor, even if I had no clear idea of what it entailed. Now that I am an adult, I have a PhD in education. I am almost 70. After my experience in the academic world, I discovered radio, which is my passion, and I am the host of the I Confess that I Have Lived program. I used to be afraid of writing, but by digging deeply into my own experiences and those of others, I finally overcame that fear.

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