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Lo único que sobrevivió fue un ejemplar

The Only Thing that Survived Was a Copy of a Book

Feb 02, 2023

A pioneer in Venezuela in the use of immunohistochemistry —a method that allows for more accurate results in diagnostic pathology—, Dr. Jorge García Tamayo devoted six decades of his life to research and teaching. One day, he invited Elsie Picott, at the time a resident student of Universidad Central de Venezuela Anatomic Pathology Graduate Program, to join him in a research work. She has since considered him her mentor. Twenty years later, she stills asks him for advice, which he delivers, even from afar.

La intervención fue un rotundo éxito

The Surgery Was a Resounding Success

Feb 01, 2023

A medical doctor decides to donate a kidney to her sister to spare her from the grueling routine of dialysis treatment. This is the story of a transplant, an operation that many people in Venezuela can no longer opt for because on June 1, 2017 the Venezuelan Foundation for Organ, Tissue and Cell Donation and Transplantation (Fundavene), a body attached to the Ministry of Health, suspended the organ procurement and transplantation program.

I am a medical doctor with a specialization in anatomic pathology. I am also a university professor. My job is to watch cells and tissue through the microscope. I read poetry and write in prose. My friends say I am a literature lover on loan to science.

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