José Luis Guerra Malavé's stories

Those Days with Mr. Monster

Mar 23, 2020

During José Luis Guerra’s childhood, uncle Raúl was a source of puzzlement… and fear. More often than not, he would wake up to Raúl’s screaming. Raúl was a man who drank chlorine and hid onions and tomatoes in his trouser pockets, which he would eat as if they were fruit. In this firsthand account written for the #SeedbedOfStorytellers of La Vida de Nos, José describes how his uncle’s schizophrenia marked his family forever.

I graduated from the Santa María University. I was born in a brave country where journalists have turned into heroes with the power of communication. I see reality through the eyes of others, even if they are blindfolded and fettered. I love to search for the truth in what is hidden. #SemilleroDeNarradores [Seedbed of Storytellers].

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