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You Made Me Laugh. You Have Earned It.

Apr 28, 2020

José Gregorio Azuaje is a 59-year-old theater teacher in a school located in the Venezuelan Andes state of Trujillo. When school is out in the summer, he travels to Colombia to work with the puppets he makes himself from scratch. Up until now, he had managed to return to his country with some extra money on his pocket. But not the last time, when it proved a difficult task to accomplish.

I am 18 and a current student of the second year of communication and media at the University of Los Andes, Rafael Rangel Campus. I dream of being the voice of those who fear to raise theirs. In the meantime, I enjoy my everyday adventures, which I capture in the form of images. #SemilleroDeNarradores [Seedbed of Storytellers].

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