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Madre adolescente huye de casa - Ilustración: Walther Sorg

We Are Not a Different Species

Jul 20, 2023

One day, in early 2018, Keyla, a 14-year-old pregnant girl, arrived at a hospital in Barcelona, in eastern Venezuela. She was all by herself, running a fever and leaking amniotic fluid. As soon as she was performed an ultrasound scan, the doctors knew that her baby had died. Dr. Nathali Arismendi, at the time an OB-GYN trainee, was amongst those who attended to her. Unknowingly, that young patient would teach her a lot.

Doctora con mascarilla.

A Disease Does Not Define You

Jul 19, 2023

Nathali Arismendi was still a medical student when, during one of her first shifts, she pricked her finger while suturing a head wound on a homeless woman. Weeks after that work-related accident, she developed a fever and her lymph nodes got swollen. An HIV test came back positive, but she had no doubt in her mind that she had been misdiagnosed.

I am a Venezuelan GYN/OB who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine. I am an itinerant. I love my family. My life changed with the things I learned at a hospital. It’s no coincidence: I was born to help.

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