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When The Twenty-Five of the 350 Were As One

Sep 02, 2019

On June 29, 2017, a group of students from the Simón Bolívar University was detained in El Rosal by police officers who were repressing a protest march that had been called for in Caracas. The images of their arrest and subsequent transfer inside the closed cargo section of a truck were circulated on social media. The students would be released a few days later without charges. One year after the events, Patricia Rodríguez, one of the students in question, gives La vida de nos her account of her experience.

I am Patricia Pilar Rodríguez Campos. I am a 22-year old Venezuelan, a professional ballet dancer and a Simón Bolívar University electronic engineer. In my opinion, not taking action because you think you are doing too little is the biggest mistake you can make.

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