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He Said We Would Watch Him and Mom Grow Old

Jul 30, 2020

On August 15, 2017, Oswaldo Pellicer left his home in San Felipe, state of Yaracuy, searching for a spare part for the truck he operates as a driver. At about 6:00 in the afternoon, he told his family that he was on his way back. Almost three years later, they are still waiting for him.

I was born in Yaracuy in 1987. I am a bachelor of communication and media from the Venezuelan Bolivarian University, with a major in marketing and journalism 2.0 from the Central University of Venezuela. I am currently pursuing a specialization in human rights at the Universidad Nacional Abierta and a diploma in investigative journalism at IPYS Venezuela. #SemilleroDeNarradores [Seedbed of Storytellers].

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