No les gusto por alguna razón

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No les gusto por alguna razón

For Some Reason, They Don’t Like Me.

Dic 06, 2022

A kid who feels singled out because he is different. A kid who prefers to hang out with adults and who loves to read books and listen to the radio. A kid who is hypersensitive to many things around him. A kid who is labeled as a smarty-pants and whose behavior is considered as imprudent. Following a late diagnosis, surgeon Björn Martíinez delves into his memories to piece together the puzzle that is his own world.

Se supone que los médicos no debemos llorar

We Doctors Are Not Supposed to Cry

Dic 06, 2022

Adriana García is an obstetrician-gynecologist. When her cousin, whom she loved like a sister, told her she was expecting, Adriana was overjoyed. The pregnancy seemed to be progressing well, but when she entered her fifth month, the doctors found out that the baby was carrying several congenital anomalies. Adriana, aware of what that diagnosis meant, wished she did not know the things she knew, for they began to feel like a burden on her shoulders.

Emprendimiento Mi Hijo Suplente

We Don’t Realize that We Are Going to Be Old Soon

Ago 15, 2022

When she learned that she was pregnant with her second child, María Gabriela Chalbaud knew that she had to do something to make more money because what she earned as a university professor was no longer enough. So, she and her friend Yanet Calderón decided to act upon an idea she had for a very singular undertaking: they would become the substitute daughters of many Venezuelans who had left their parents and grandparents behind when they migrated.

NIños jugando a ser reporteros de televisión | Ilustraciones: Robert Dugarte

Her Students Will Always Find Her There

May 26, 2022

Mytha Cordido wanted to become a lawyer, but her mother had her enrolled in a career in Education at the University of Carabobo. At first, she felt frustrated, but she would eventually discover in her classroom practices a vocation for teaching, one that she has clung to, as she has to her faith, every time the world around her seems to fall apart.

He Discovered That There Is Still Color in His World

May 11, 2022

For forty-seven years, Luis Antonio Molina ran a blacksmith workshop in Valle del Mocotíes, 50 miles from the city of Mérida. Welding fences, lanterns and doors, he found the means to provide for his family. It was also a way of life. Now, at 63, having been diagnosed with cancer, he feels that life is hanging by a thread.

Pierina Sora

She Can Only Think of the Moment When She Will Open the Door

May 10, 2022

Ten months after having migrated to Perú, she received the news that the woman who raised her had died in Caracas. From that moment on, she has made sure that her grandparents, who have had to overcome the hurdles imposed by an ever-worsening economic crisis, are doing well. At night, Pierina Sora prays to God that she will soon be reunited with them.

Ultimately, I stopped Asking Myself All Those Questions

Abr 18, 2022

For years, Nora dedicated herself to giving private lessons in physics, chemistry, mathematics and English to the young people of her community in Carúpano, state of Sucre, including Zoila Hernández’s kids.

Hombre atado - Ilustración Walther Sorg

There Is Nothing in There of What We Lived Through

Abr 16, 2022

This story takes place in one of the so-called «Peace Zones», which are designated areas that cannot be entered by state security forces as long as the gangs operating there agree not to engage in criminal activities.

Trembling after Iowa

Sep 23, 2021

I thought I continued to tremble for what I still wanted to know: themitochondrial secret in my nerves, my shoulders, my arms, my hands.

She Does Not Want History to Repeat Itself

Jul 16, 2021

After Augusto Pinochet’s coup d’état against Salvador Allende, many families migrated from Chile. It was the case of the Ponsots, the Balaguers and the Escobars, who lived in Finland for some time and then settled in Venezuela. Decades later, some of them went back to the point of departure. 

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