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Under a Bridge That Everyone Calls Figueredo

Jul 09, 2019

Antonio José Valbuena is a schizophrenia patient who, due to the shortage of medicines affecting Venezuela, was forced to interrupt the treatment that kept him stable. The sight of his father on the verge of death caused him a shock that probably made him lose his memory.

In the Darkness of a Heat From Which There Is No Respite

Jul 09, 2019

The widespread blackout that began in Venezuela on March 7, 2019, lasted longer in Maracaibo than in any other city in the country. Some areas went for days on without electricity in scorching temperatures of over 86º F and with power cuts that continue even today. To survive those exhausting hours when everything…

What is La vida de nos?

Jul 08, 2019

Moments of crisis stretch the experience of life, creating stories that showcase it to its fullest. Stories. The experience of living. People. Crisis. Those elements, combined in one same point, lead to the birth of La vida de nos.

Those Were Not Belmer’s Plans

Jul 05, 2019

When in 2016 Belmer left his native Barinas for La Serena, a city north of Santiago de Chile to which several of his friends had emigrated, he did so seeking a financial stability that could allow him to bring his family in further along the road. In April 2018, history took a turn that no one could have foreseen. He came back to Venezuela, but in a way that his family would never have wanted.

The Smile That Sunk In Murky Waters

Jul 05, 2019

On the night of Saturday, March 23, 2019, Ángela Aguirre went out to a friend’s birthday party at the Club Ítalo in Puerto Ordaz, in southern Venezuela. She would never come back: her corps was found three days later, floating on the banks of the Caroní River. Ever since then, Ángel Aguirre, Ángela’s father, has not rested in his quest for justice. Over the last few months…

Angel’s holidays are at school

Jul 04, 2019

Angel’s parents —he a plumber, she a seamstress—, suffocated by hyperinflation, see how each day their income is not enough to buy food for the family. That’s probably why their 14-year-old teenager son is underweight and has spent his holidays enrolled in a nutritional program at school, located at La Cota 905, in Caracas.

For Daniel to Return to His Extra Activities Has Become Impossible

Jul 04, 2019

As her son was quite restless and unfocused, Caroline understood that practicing a sport that encompassed discipline will be good for him. She enrolled him in taekwondo and, when the academy closed, because the training staff left Venezuela, she enrolled him in soccer and swimming. But those schools also closed due to lack of teachers and financial problems.

Who Murdered Brayan?

Jul 03, 2019

In the midst of protests and clashes between neighbors of two residential areas in Barquisimeto, in northwestern Venezuela, a bullet punctured the intestines of Brayan David Principal, who died on April 11, 2017 at the Central Hospital «Antonio María Pineda». He was only 14 years old. Although the Public Ministry charged a neighbor of the area… 

His Weapons Were a Notebook and a Pencil

Jul 03, 2019

Adrián Rodríguez will not have his First Communion nor play soccer again and he will never be a policeman as he dreamed. He was murdered by a «sniper». On July 30, 2017, he died by a gunshot to the head when he was watching a demonstration against the Constituent Assembly in Táchira state. He was the tenth victim of that day.

How Did We Get To This?

Jun 16, 2019

Luz Marina’s father was one of the founders of Mene Grande, the town where the commercial exploitation of oil in Venezuela began, in 1914, located two hours from Maracaibo. She remains there. She cannot leave like many of her neighbors who are fleeing after the blackouts of March and April 2019, when their land became an impossible place to live in.

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