What is La vida de nos?

It is a website, with steady periodicity, which has aimed to be a space of reference for stories carefully elaborated, seeking to be a bridge where the best expressions of the art of telling encounter, with one specific objective: sharing stories that connect with and stir the common reader.

Because of that emphasis on the good story, the space may encompass autobiographic genres and multimedia formats. The common condition of these pieces will be the impeccable finishing, guaranteed on that crossroad of experiences and aesthetic positions of their editors, whose origins are from different writing edges: journalism and literature.

We want to feature the plural country in the singularity of its stories.

Retell life, and do it with glee!


1001 Lecturas

Organización dedicada a fomentar la memoria y la identidad, a través del arte de contar historias que ayuden a comprender la Venezuela de hoy.

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